Rental Villa Marrakech

A stay where silence, a subtle definition of luxury in Marrakech

Guest palace "Villa Malika Silvana"

Villa has stood as a real palace amid a purely marrakchi landscaped area. Interesting combination of an international design Moroccan architecture, the Villa Malika Silvana provides visitors a unique scenery.

From the entrance, which faces a very nice pool, our dives into a world where a thousand and one details challenge us. The lobby, worthy of the grandest palace, welcomes us and a high quality staff immediately shows very attentionne.

A majestic chandelier consists of numerous suspensions hangs has worked bejmat stone dome, recalling the Arab-Andalusian interior.
A first large Moroccan living room, very modern inspiration in decorating th colors that compose it, is offered to customers for a small relaxation session in front of a giant screen. A patio, in the center of the building, gives the place an atmosphere while games of shadows and lights, heat and cool, and makes the junction with the other living areas

More hushed and open to the outside, another living room, the furniture Berber inspiration invites guests to rest in front of a chimney fire. The dark brown color, the head of negro furniture and fireplace perfectly contrast with the pastel colors of the tadelakt and tapestries of the show, making it even more friendly atmosphere. Curtains Sabra, the gradient colors ranging from light tan to land his dressing room and help to enhance the dark marble that takes the soil of this cozy room.

Throughout the villa, poles and fixtures, sconces we suspensions are worked to the Berber thus form a contrast amazingly well designed with modern touches and furniture design with clean lines

For any information regarding the exclusivity of Villa Malika Silvana, with 6 rooms (12 persons), Please contact us.